2030 the Internet handles it all

Scientists around the world have estimated that by 2030, the internert be connected with an almost countless number of multiple sensors around the world who will collect a lot of data around.
Internet handles it all
Internet handles it all

Surely there are many who wonder How will internet in about 20 years or more? To answer this question many people the president of Society-ISOC (which is a nonprofit organization that governs standards internt), the renowned Spanish engineer Gonzalo Camarillo, who predicted that by 2030, the network will become increasingly more autonomous, intelligent, self-managed and omnipresent.

Camarillo, who is the director of what would be the standardization of data-ICT in Ericsson and besides that is a member of the scientific committee of IMDEA Networks Institute, was recently named president of nothing more and nothing less than the board of the Society (Internet Society, ISOC).
Internet handles it all
Internet handles it all

This entity, is considered practically independent source of information, thinking, standards in the field of technology and development of what would be the future internet throughout the world and in addition to this, promotes an ever open dialogue between users , businesses and governments

One of the most striking features of the Internet will come soon in the next few decades, it will be called Future Wireless Internet (sometimes known by its acronym FIA), which is the subject of strong research at IMDEA Networks Institute.

According to the vision of this institute, in the so-called FIA about a million million handsets will be interconnected, which is the gigantic number, a comparison of connecting to the conventional Internet today.
The FIA ​​will be a mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive networks that allow you to connect at any time and place, evolving into a different Internet wired widespread today, and the proliferation of wireless devices will the current prevalence of the personal computer and provide new possibilities will be exploited by a new generation of applications, according to scientists from IMDEA Networks Institute indicate.
Internet handles it all
Internet handles it all

Obviously, the AI will be on the agenda for 2030 which will be used to automate many of the processes that currently require what would be the intervention of a human.

Even the way to trade, pay and make banks change strongly with the implementation of the so-called chain of blocks or "blockchain" which is a method for what would be the registration of all transactions, agreements, contracts and digital data.

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